Oh wauw – you clicked on “about” so I guess you want to read a bit more about me 🙂 Nice! Well my name is Claudia, I’m 30 years old and I just love to share. Whether it’s things about my life or places I’ve been or even cookies I’ve baked: if I can make people smile I’m happy.

My nationality is Belgian – and I’ve lived there for 27 years before trading it in for The Netherlands. The reason was of course love ;-). After having lived there for 2 years, we moved to Hamburg together, where we currently live.

I have obtained my Bachelor in Communication Management in 2010 and have worked in 3 different companies before the current one.

Turkey, 2015

What to expect here

This is my personal blog, so I write about things that are bogging my mind. And that is a lot of stuff! It can be personal stories, my hopes and dreams and fears, nice recipes I’ve come across, good make-up I’ve bought or amazing places I’ve visited. The sky is the limit!

I don’t have a planning – it may happen that I write twice a week, once per month or once every three months. I’m still working full time and therefore that is still my main focus.

Why I write in English if I’m Belgian?

Ha, good question! Well, since my husband is Italian and we speak English to each other, I developed my English a lot. Also in the office the primary language is English. So for me it feels like a logical choice.

Thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoy!

Vitto en ik_kleiner
Celebrating meeting each other here in 2015 – Porreta Terme 2017