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First 6 weeks with a newborn – what is it like?

It has been 6 weeks now since we became parents so I figured it’s time for an update on this – how did we experience it? What happened from the day we brought Giovanni home until now? Maybe you are thinking about having kids yourself and want to see what it’s like? Then don’t read this, because Every. Child. Is. Different. You cannot compare our child and situation to yours. That being said, this is how it was for us!

Tell me all about it sis
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Our babymoon in Portugal part 2: Albufeira

Time to continue our babymoon and change location/hotel! Next stop: Albufeira. Mostly known as a party destination with its own “Strip” (you know, like the Las Vegas one), but smaller. Of course we weren’t going there to party, but also the nature around seemed to be pretty impressive. And it was! Let me show you…

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Our babymoon in Portugal part 1: Faro

As explained in my previous blog, we got a travel voucher from a dear friend of Vittorio’s family to use for our honeymoon. Since we had to postpone our party already twice, our voucher was expiring and we had to book something before December 2021. We decided to turn it into a babymoon instead, a last holiday with the 2 of us before the baby arrives and to spend some quality time together. Here’s a recap of our stay in Faro!

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