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The Christmas presents we got each other

Normally, Vittorio and me don’t do presents. Not for Christmas, not for birthdays, not for anniversaries. We prefer to do something together, like a weekend getaway, a wellness treatment or something. Experiences over presents. But since this Christmas we were home bound, we decided to do gifts anyway!

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Our Corona Christmas plans

Only 2,5 weeks left until it’s Christmas guys! What a year it has been.. I think I’m not the only one who thought /hoped all of this Corona shit would have been over by now. Naive little me was hoping to spend Christmas with our families, but then reality kicked in. So here’s our original plan, our actual plan and our dinner plan so far!

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Shein shophaul: hot or not?

Olaa guys! Something different than a recipe today and another passion of mine (and many other women and men :-P): shopping! Shein is a webshop i’ve been bombarded with on Instagram – getting one ad after the other. I was skeptical, because I know there are a lot of scam sites out there. After I saw some people I follow showing Shein shoplogs, I caved as well. I ordered 5 items, and I’ll show and discuss them today!

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Recipe #4: Pasta all’aromatica

There are surely perks that come with having an Italian husband! One of them is having an Italian mother-in-law who is always happy to teach me some Italian recipes 😀 She taught me this one the last time we were there and we love it. The Italian kitchen is quite simple. No funny ingredients, just qualitative stuff. Here is mammottina’s recipe for pasta all’aromatica!

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