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Picking my wedding dress

Sooo as you might know, we already got married March 6th 2020, but due to Corona we had to postpone our Italy ceremony + party not once but TWICE. I already picked my dress in November 2019, and now I have to wait until August 2022 to wear it… So as a bit of pre-fun, let’s have a look at the dresses I tried on 😉

Ha, I was just reading our Wedding blog again, where I wrote this:

We will be there, 15 May 2021 celebrating one year of marriage and celebrating love and life with our family and friends, in a changed world.

…. yeah, so that didn’t happen 😀 And we were so convinced that postponing the wedding with 1 year was more than enough to have this virus be over. So our new date now is 14 August 2022, and yes that is a Sunday, but luckily the day after is a holiday in Belgium and Italy. Anyway, back to the dress.

Expectations vs. Reality

The 1st thing I want to say here, that it’s realllllly important to go dress fitting to have a better understanding of the fabrics, and what suits your body really well. I made an appointment at Linx Fashion in Hasselt, and prior to going to the appointment had a look at the website and made a selection of dresses I liked and wanted to try on.

None of the dresses I preselected were even considered. None. You just see a beautiful dress, but you can’t imagine how the fabric flows, how heavy it is, how your body type affects the fitting. So to give an idea of what I was looking for:

  • Open back (I looove an open back dress, it’s so sensual)
  • No see-through mesh on top
  • Not too much lace or embroideries (Vittorio doesn’t like that)
  • Light-weight (I need to wear it all day in the end..)

My dress shopping crew

Also important to have: a soundboard to bounce some ideas off. It depends on your personality of course, but I liked having my best friends, mom and my cousin there tell me whether or not a dress really looked good on me.

left to right: Tina, Silke, Kelly, me, my mom and my cousin Beth

The shop assistant at Linx was super friendly and made me feel at ease instantly. We went along every dress and I could say whether I wanted to try it on or not. She encouraged me to try on even dress styles I didn’t see myself in, like a Princess ball gown. You never know, maybe you end up loving it!

Also: all the dresses in the store are sample sizes. So you try on a dress that is not exactly your size. They will adjust it a bit to your body, but they will be a bit too tight or too loose at some places.

Dress #1

A sleek and simple dress, with quite a plain front and a nice open back with the cutout as a special element. I liked the simplicity, but was also missing that little extra in the front. Here it is on me:

It made my ass look amazing, haha but since it was also only the first dress I tried on, I wanted to try a few others.

Dress # 2

The fluffy ball gown! Also note: the dress was not white, but very light blue. The shop assistant picked this for me, as a fun dress to try on, just to see how a ball gown looks on me. Aaand here we go:

Have to say: I was pleasantly surprised with how it looked once I had it on! I didn’t like the color and all the extra embroideries, but the style of dress was actually not as bad as I had thought! I’m just not a princess ball gown type of gal 😉

Dress # 3

I actually couldn’t find this dress in the catalogue, so I don’t have a picture with the model showing it. You will just have to settle with me 😉

Move over, Pippa Middleton 😉 I actually realllllly loved the back of this dress. The buttons all the way down, the back, how my ass looks, how the fabric flows. It was gorgeous! Could this be THE dress for me??

Also my crew really liked this dress, but one of my friends pointed out the following:

From the side, it is a not so forgiving dress. If my weight fluctuates a bit by then, or I enjoy a bit too much wine/pasta: it will show. I have the tendency to have a little food baby after dinner (totally fine!) but I don’t want to feel like I have to suck my belly in all evening. I wanted a bit a more flowy dress waist-down.

Dress # 4

Ok so with all the insights from the above, the shop assistant gave me the 4th dress. As soon as I put it on, I felt it: this is it. It’s flowy, light, elegant, beautiful open back, sexy cleavage and a nice train (that is how they call the extra fabric in the back, on the ground :-P)

I can’t show a picture yet since Vittorio also reads this blog and that would be bad luck, but you will see it once I’ve worn it. With the benefit of insight we have today, this is a perfect dress.

Can’t wait to show you next year! What did you think of the 3 dresses I tried on? Should I also go for a veil? Let me know!

Xoxo Claudia

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