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Changing our lifestyle pt. II

I wrote a post 28 november about how my lifestyle changed over the years. 3 months later, I already wanted to give a little update on this, since it is quite interesting!

So as I said last year, I was committed to getting the curve down again. I noticed that exercising regularly, is not only good for my physical well-being, but also for my mental well-being. So here’s what we have still been doing the last 3 months:

  1. We only drink alcohol during weekends (exceptions are holidays and special events) ✔️️
  2. We eat way less meat (1-2/week, more often it’s not even our main dish but the aperitivo that has meat) ✔️️
  3. We work out regularly (10-15 min of exercises every day and 1h on Sunday) ❌
  4. We eat more fruit/veggies (we got a blender to make smoothies + we do active menu planning) ✔️️

So point 3 is actually still true, but we changed the frequency. We now do 3 HIIT trainings of 30 mins per week, and on the other days still do 10 min of exercises (abs, yoga, whatever). The HIIT is a killer, I can tell you, but I feel soooo good afterwards. And the real motivation is to see the impact on my body (physically and mentally). We discovered this girl (Anna) on Youtube with her channel called Growingannanas and she has been our fitness coach for the last months. Ok, here’s the results of this year so far – the spikes are the daily measures and the line is the average:

As you can see, my daily weight fluctuates quite a lot but the general trend is like in freefall! Super motivating to see this. Here’s a bit a longer trend. The light grey line marks the beginning of 2021, and the start of our HIIT trainings:

During the weekends we drink some Gin-tonics, order in every Saturday, occasionally have our nachos with meat & cheese,… but we don’t skip our trainings and revert back to more veggies during the week.

It’s not about eating salad every day, we discovered. It’s about balance, habits and making different choices. We didn’t drink soda already anyway, but we were easily grabbing a bag of chips after work. Now instead, we eat crispy oven-grilled chickpeas (they’re really like nuts) or a piece of dark chocolate.


We miss our family and friends like crazy during this pandemic, but we make the most of it by working on ourselves in the meantime. And that also feels quite good.

Until next time,


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