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Life update!

Aah you guys, long time no speak! I figured it was time for a life update. I’ve been MIA, but so much has been happening. Let’s catch up.

Let’s start with the biggest news:


Yessss, it’s happening! After 2 years (of which one in lockdown), we got the opportunity to go back, and we took it with both hands! Vittorio took a new position in Philips that required being in Amsterdam, and since Jimdo made the awesome decision to become a remote-first company, I could keep my job. How awesome is that? It was such a huge relief, that I could stay working for this amazing company.

Mid-February, we went for a quick 24h visit to Amsterdam to do the ID-check that was required for our new apartment, and here’s a pic of this happy camper from then:

Of course I had to get French fries – the next best thing since I haven’t been in Belgium since June 2020
Here’s a bonus pic of a nearly empty Dam Square!

We both really love Amsterdam – a big city that still feels somewhat like a village. It’s also closer to Belgium, so my family and friends can come visit more easily. I can’t wait to live in this amazing city again!

Did we not like Hamburg?

Of course we did! Hamburg is also a beautiful city by the water. I think because we did not live as close to the city center, and the lockdown happened, we did not bond with the city as much. We were literally more outsiders. I’m sure I will still visit Hamburg, whenever Jimdo offers it.

Our new apartment

We didn’t buy it – it’s a rental apartment. But I am sooo in love already! The only downside is that it doesn’t have a garden. It has 3 bedrooms, an open kitchen, storage room, bathroom with bathtub and shower, and a south-faced terrace with water view! I only have pictures from the current tenants, but I will share ours as soon as we have settled in! Here’s the floor plan to give you an idea:

As you can see, I already put our furniture in 😀

It’s flipped, because the original picture was of a different apartment with the same mirrored set-up. Also nice: the complex has an underground garage plus free visitor’s parking. Plus it’s right next to Sloterdijk train station, the highway and Westerpark. It’s not right in the center of Amsterdam, but also not too far out. 25 min by tram, or 20 min biking. I will have to pick up my biking skills again… And therefore:

I sold my Skorrari

Yep – because Vittorio bought a car in 2019, we decided to sell mine before leaving Germany.


I always called it my Skorrari, because she was the same fiery red color as a Ferrari (sadly not the same speed). It was bit sad for me to sell it, since it was my first own-bought car and it meant freedom to me. I bought it in March 2012 for € 11.700 and sold it now for still € 3.200 (107.000 km). Not too shabby I would say! The next car will be a SUV.

So the next time I am able to visit my family, it will be in Vittorio’s BMW Z4, like a boss!

So what’s happening now?

We are moving end of March, so we have 3 weeks left in Hamburg. LUCKILY, Philips has a very good relocation program. They arrange a moving service for us, that comes here and packs up our stuff and takes apart our furniture, and rebuilds it back in Amsterdam. The biggest “challenge” for me now is to time-coordinate everything perfectly.

Our cat, Simba, will go to a cat hotel right before the packing starts, so he is not stressed/scared by all the fuss here. Here’s our big tiger now:

The King of the house.

Simultaneously with the movers, we will start cleaning the apartment here so we can hand it over fully cleaned. Because of COVID, the company that provides our internet is closed, so I need to mail the modem back. I need to get Corona tested myself because I am flying to Amsterdam while Vittorio drives the car and Simba.

Originally, I wanted to take Simba with me on the plane but since he’s too big for the cabin, he would need to go in the luggage area and I didn’t want to put him through that stress. Upon arrival in Amsterdam, I need to get the keys to the new apartment and lastly, unpack all the boxes once they are brought. Exciting/busy times ahead!

I will keep you posted (maybe a bit later, but anyway!)


Claudia (and Vittorio and Simba)

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