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The Christmas presents we got each other

Normally, Vittorio and me don’t do presents. Not for Christmas, not for birthdays, not for anniversaries. We prefer to do something together, like a weekend getaway, a wellness treatment or something. Experiences over presents. But since this Christmas we were home bound, we decided to do gifts anyway!

We both don’t value big gifts so much – if we really want something, we just get it for ourselves. It’s also for neither of us our primary love language (but that’s a different topic). I was really surprised when one day, there was a heavy Amazon package delivered, and Vittorio said it was my Christmas gift. At that point, I didn’t know we were doing gifts this year 😉 I was taken by surprise. “But I don’t need anything!“, I said to one of my best friends a few days prior, when we were discussing Christmas gifts. “It’s not about needing, it’s about things you want“, she said. Ok, fair point.

So I told Vittorio about some things I was curious about, or liked but not necessarily needed. And he gave me his “wishlist”. Flash forward to the day that package arrived for me. It was still several days before Christmas, but I couldn’t wait. The box said the weight is 8kgs and I joked to my friend: “if there’s an 8 kg kettlebell in there, I will throw it at his head“. Vittorio was like: “oh come on, we discussed this, and you said you were curious about this item“! I had to think hard.. But then it hit me! It was a weighted blanket!

Weighted Blanket

A what? Yep. It’s a blanket filled with tiny glass beads, to make it heavier than usual. It comes in different sizes and weights – mine is 6.8 kg and 150×200 cm. You don’t feel the glass beads at all, they are covered in some layers of microfiber and non-toxic, odorless, BPA and lead free.

Why get a weighted blanket?

I get it that you would ask this question. I’m a troubled sleeper: I sleep very lightly, wake up easily and have problems falling back asleep. I saw this blanket ad pass by already months ago and was intrigued by it. I Googled around a bit, but I have no idea how clinically correct this is, so don’t hold it against me! For example, this website states that they mimic deep pressure stimulation, which can:

  • Relieve pain
  • Lessen anxiety
  • Improve mood

It is said that these blankets feel like being hugged constantly, which should make you feel more relaxed. So I wanted to test it, but wasn’t sure if it would help.

hihi the tips of my shoes
Nice and soft material!

Does it work?

We tried it on our bed, but it was still too warm at night here (10ºC) in Hamburg to use it (it’s definitely not a summer blanket!). But we have both tested it for napping after heavy Christmas lunches, and it really gives a nice, relaxing feeling!

It’s a keeper for us – and I will use it again after finishing this blog 😀 So what did I get him?

Sony WH-1000X M3 headphones

Since we both have been working from home for months now, and he only had cheap headphones with a mic attached to it, he wanted an upgrade that also had the noise-canceling option. Say no more!

The main requirements he had, were as follows:

  • Noise-canceling (so he isn’t distracted by our cat’s miaowing)
  • Comfortable (so his head doesn’t hurt after wearing it several hours
  • Long battery life (so it can last a full working day without recharging)
  • Built-in microphone of good quality (so he can use it for meetings)
  • Old school audio jack to plug in to his work laptop

Your girl here did some research, and found this gem here. I know it’s not the newest model, but it checked all the boxes above, and at an affordable price. These headphones offer:

Supreme noise-canceling

We have to talk about Sony’s noise-canceling. It’s unreal. It’s like noise insulted Sony a long time ago and Sony retreated to its dojo for many years, trained hard, and then came back to kick noise’s butt. Bose, Sennheiser, AKG, Bowers & Wilkins, Bang & Olufsen — name any company that produces noise-canceling headphones, and I guarantee you that its noise canceling is not as good as Sony’s.

Nothing more to add here. 😀


Sony has made the space for your ear inside the M3 pad a little deeper, and the pads themselves are designed to distribute pressure evenly.

They do feel comfortable, and Vittorio has been wearing them for watching movies already:

Long battery life

I couldn’t believe it when I read it – but these headphones have 30 hours of battery life when fully charged. Say whuuut! A quick 10 minutes charge via the Sony charger, gives you already 5 hours. It should not be a problem to last a full working day – or three ;-).

It’s been 10 days since I fully charged the 1000X M3s, in which time I’ve used them on three flights, daily walks, and casual listening at home, and they’ve still got 50 percent of their battery left.

Also the built-in microphone was tested and approved and the option to plug it in via old school audio jack! I made my husband very happy with these headphones, as shown on this picture where he just opened the package and tested them:

So that is what we got each other for Christmas! What about you guys?
Until next time – stay healthy!


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