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Our Corona Christmas plans

Only 2,5 weeks left until it’s Christmas guys! What a year it has been.. I think I’m not the only one who thought /hoped all of this Corona shit would have been over by now. Naive little me was hoping to spend Christmas with our families, but then reality kicked in. So here’s our original plan, our actual plan and our dinner plan so far!

Christmas plan take 1

About 2 months ago I started dreaming of seeing my family again at Christmas. I would not have seen them for 6 months at that point. The last time I saw them in person, was end of June. Crazy. So we started planning: 12 December – first we would make sure Simba is taken care off, then we drive to Italy to Vittorio’s parents and spend 10 days there. 22 December we would leave and go to my beloved grandmother and spend some hours there. Then off to my father to sleep and spend Christmas Eve the next day. On Christmas to my mother to spend also some time with her, sleep there and then back to Hamburg.

Christmas plan take 2

Then the 2nd wave happened, and we both knew we couldn’t keep that plan up if we wanted to be responsible. So we decided Vittorio would go alone to Italy around 5 December, spend a week there with his parents, then come back and do 7 days quarantine at home. Then we would go to Belgium, to my grandma first, and then a split-up Christmas Eve at my dad’s because my stepmother also has 3 sons, and the group would be too big. The next day we would go to my mom.

Christmas plan: Reality

Then Belgium announced the Christmas Corona measures: every family can invite 1 extra person over for Christmas. Singles can invite 2 people over. So that meant that we could not even go to my father for Christmas, because Vittorio would not be allowed.

On top of that, it started snowing heavily in North-Italy. Vittorio got snow-tyres for his car, but it would be crazy for him to make the trip alone in those conditions. As I’m writing this, The Brenner Pass (a mountain pass through the Alps) to reach Italy, is closed off for security reasons due to heavy snowfall.

Sooo we decided to cancel it all, and just spend Christmas in Hamburg, with the 2 (well, 3 with Simba) of us. It’s not a Christmas spent with our families, like we had hoped. But then again, nothing this year went as hoped. And the safety and health of ourselves and our loved ones is our priority.

Our current plans

I started to decorate our house this weekend (no Christmas tree unfortunately, because our little monster would destroy that), but this is what it looks like now:

For dinner, this is the plan so far (here’s my Pinterest board):

  1. Cold antipasti (some salami, prosciutto, crackers, burrata, hummus)
  2. Warm antipasti (oven pastries, baked brie with bread to dip)
  3. Truffle risotto (if we can find fresh black truffle)
  4. Chocolate pandoro
  5. Sgroppino (sort of degustivo)

Who knows me and Vittorio, knows we love good food. On Christmas, we say vaffanculo to our “healthier” lifestyle and we will make it a cosy one either way! I’m actually kind of excited already.

And you, how are you celebrating Christmas?

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