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Shein shophaul: hot or not?

Olaa guys! Something different than a recipe today and another passion of mine (and many other women and men :-P): shopping! Shein is a webshop i’ve been bombarded with on Instagram – getting one ad after the other. I was skeptical, because I know there are a lot of scam sites out there. After I saw some people I follow showing Shein shoplogs, I caved as well. I ordered 5 items, and I’ll show and discuss them today!

Just so you know: I paid for all these items myself. Let’s dive right into it with the first (and most expensive) item of the list.
It’s this grey sweater with a high turtle neck and a knot in the front. I used an active discount code and paid € 14,37 for it.

To make the comparison easier, I put the model and my picture next to each other every time.

Knot bad! (pun intended)

Grey sweater with turtle neck

So first impression: it looks different than the image, less oversized and it’s also a different fabric than what I was expecting. For reference, I ordered a size Medium. It’s also shorter than what I thought, and that shows if you wear a low-cut pants:

There will be some of your stomach visible. Of course you can just wear a shirt underneath and tuck it into your pants, or wear a high waist pants. In the back, it is a bit longer. Overall, a nice sweater! So I would say: HOT!

Bordeaux but short

Next up, is this sweater with a double V-neck and also a knot in the front (can you tell I’m a sucker for knots lately?) I paid € 10,40 for it and got a size Small.

So in this case, there was no model showing of the sweater, so I put the website’s picture. I would say it’s pretty accurate to the picture. But again, it turned out much shorter than I was expecting, and it shows with a low-waist pants:

I think it makes my upper-body look shorter (especially if you look at the bottom-left picture) so I’m not really sure this is flattering. I would have liked it more if it was oversized, so maybe I should have gotten a Large. This one, however, is a NOT.

Leopard Love

Next up, my leopard love! It’s a t-shirt with open back and a knot in leopard print. I paid only € 6,40 for this and got a size Small.

Yesss I love this already – it’s a loose-fit, not too short and a very light fabric so good for warmer days. But look at the back:

Haha I’m not posing as elegantly as the model, but it’s so prettyyy! The twist in the back makes it really special, I think. For sure HOT!

Classy casual

Alright, over to the next one. A high neck black & white print shirt with nice shoulder details. I paid € 8.80 and got a size Small!

I have to say I like it a lot! It’s a flattering shirt, conceals foodbaby’s and balances out your upper body more if you have wider hips (like me). It has a normal back with a little opening on the top (there’s a little button in the neck).

Yup, this is for sure a keeper! Hot hot hot! Keep in mind though the fabrics are not stretchy, so you better order a size up if you are not sure.

Red with a twist

Last but not least, I present to you this special off-shoulder shirt with asymmetrical sides and a knot in the front. I got it for € 8,00 and ordered a Small.

This fabric is suuuper stretchy, so easy to drape it as you want. Here’s a close-up from the top part:

I’m not sure – maybe I should have gone a size up? I’m always a bit insecure about the size of my hips 🙂 Other than that, the fabric is quite prone to wrinkling, so this one you will need to iron. But, overall I like it and think it gives a Greek Godess vibe to my outfit. So I rate it as HOT!

So, that was my SHEIN shoplog! The shipping time is around 3 weeks (everything comes from China), but then again it’s quite easy to send items back (and for free, a least here in Germany for your first shipping).

Have you shopped at Shein, or would you consider after my post? Let me know! Until next time!

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