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My quarantine work-out routine

Before Covid-19 hit us, we had our sweet routine of going to the gym twice a week. Once for some cardio and the other time for some strength training. Since 16th of March, we were both put in full-time home office and gyms closed. How did we keep moving?

Honestly, I’m a lazy bastard. I really have to force myself to go to the gym. When we were living in Amsterdam, my office building offered free bootcamp lessons twice a week. I’m happy my colleague and friend Stephanie really pushed me to go with her. I do love the feeling after a good workout! I just hate sweating 😉 Anyway, since quarantine, my husband and me made our own routine, and this is what it looks like:

7 AM: Yoga session (15-20 min)

Straight out of bed, we roll onto our yoga mats to stretch our bodies and wake them up for the day. It’s a great way of waking up gently, setting an intention for the day and giving your body some love before you sit it in a chair for most of the day. Here’s our favourites:

Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Kassandra

Mady Morrison

After this, it’s time for coffee and work!

12 AM: Abs exercises (7 min)

7 min? Yes, I promise you 7 min of abs every day is enough 😉 It’s actually 4 minutes, since you also rest for 3 minutes. Short, but effective! We got some exercises from this video:


We do:

  • 1 min of iso-reverse crunch (what he shows at 4:40)
  • 1 min rest
  • 1 min of seated abs circles (what he shows at 5:57)
  • 1 min rest
  • 1 min of recliner elbow to knee tuck (what he shows at 7:05)
  • 1 min of rest
  • 1 min of hollow body hold (this guy shows how it’s done)

6 PM: Sparring session (10 min)

Yes, you read that right. Sparring, as in boxing 😀 Every day, after closing our laptops, we do a little sparring session to unwind and get our bodies moving again. Vittorio (my husband) was doing UCC (Ultimate Close Combat) before corona, and taught me some moves as well. I find this also great to let out some marital frustrations 😉 (domestic violence is never ok of course). Here’s a video for some inspiration:

Weekend: Cardio session and/or booty workout

During the weekend, I do a little longer cardio session. I found this great 30 minutes cardio dance workout by Popsugar fitness, with Stacey Beaman from PlyoJam as a guest and this is my favourite new work-out:

What I love the most about it, is that Stacey keeps it real. She is funny, energetic but also relatable because SHE SWEATS. Oh my god, how demotivating is it to watch a colgate-smile perfect no-sweat woman squeak in the camera “how amazing this feels”. No Karen. This shit hurts and I’m sweating like a horse. Stacey is no size 0 but real, and I love it. I subscribed to her PlyoJam channel as well!

Booty workout

This video spoke to me because it said lazy-girl booty workout. Ha! It’s short and sweet but believe me: your booty will burn! I love Jake Dupree’s energy in it as well. You can spice up your workout by putting some extra weight on your ankles during this session!

And that’s it! Believe me, I also had days where I didn’t feel like sparring and that is ok! I just tried to keep moving a bit since we were so limited in our going outside.
Hope you liked this blog, if you want to see more of this, let me know!


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