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Yessss, my friends! We tied the knot, we took the plunge, we made it official…We are now husband and wife! Let me give you an update about our wedding day, our party and our honeymoon!

6 March 2020

I had been counting down the days for weeks already. We would lie in bed in the evenings and I would say: 30 more days until the wedding! 29 more days, 28 more days,.. Vittorio could only laugh about my enthusiasm. If you didn’t read the blog about the engagement yet, go do that first!

Our legal marriage would take place on Friday, 6 March in Hamburg, Germany. We invited our parents, and also my aunt and uncle (because of them we are together). My father in the end couldn’t make it because he had to work.

Around end February, the Corona crisis broke out in Italy, and also Vittorio’s parents had to decide with pain in their harts to stay at home. They live in North-Italy and didn’t want to risk getting sick, or putting us in quarantine danger. So it would be my mother, and my uncle and aunt. I’m very sad for them that they couldn’t attend their only child’s wedding, but it is what it is.

5 March 2020 (the night before)

Wedding dress and wedding shoes

I prepared my dress and wedding shoes and felt slightly nervous. I didn’t think I would, but in the end it’s quite a big thing 🙂 At first, I wanted to wear a different dress but I decided to honour my grandma and wear one of her creations. She made this A-line white dress for me already years ago and I thought it was perfect!

My mom and aunt and uncle arrived around 7PM, and came over to our place for a few drinks and a quick pasta dinner. Around 22h, Vittorio said he had to move his car because he parked at the supermarket parking. The others went to their hotel to be fresh and fruity the day after 😉 When Vittorio came back, he wasn’t alone.


Yep. One of my best friends secretly agreed with Vittorio to fly in to be there on our special day as well. ❤ Ok I admit, I already found out so it wasn’t really a secret anymore 😀 Nevertheless, I was really happy and grateful she did this for me.

The big day

We had to be at the Standesamt at 11, so got up around 8.30 to get ready. The taxi picked us up from home at 10, and when I came down our stairs, everyone was waiting for me.

Should have removed the vacuum cleaner though, but ok 😉

My uncle (who is also my witness) brought me a beautiful flower bouquet and I instantly felt like a bride. It meant a lot to me that he was there, because if it wasn’t for him, Vittorio and me would have never met. He is the enabler of our relationship and I will be forever grateful for that.

Mr. and Mrs. to be 😉

There were plenty of pics taken…

Me and Kelly ❤️

At the Standesamt, we asked the officer if we were allowed to film the ceremony, because Vittorio’s parents were unable to be there because of the virus. Luckily, the officer was so nice to make an exception, but he asked us not to publish his appearance online. Therefore, no general pictures of the legal ceremony.

But here is one of me, signing to be Mrs. Perazzolo 😉

Here are some more pictures:

After the ceremony, we went for a glass of champagne at the Elbphilharmonie – the most beautiful building of Hamburg. And then we went for a nice lunch. It was quite cold, so unfortunately we didn’t really stroll around so much. But our hearts were warm 😉

Aunt, uncle, husband, wife, mom and best friend!

How does it feel?

“How does it feel to be a married woman now”? Well to be honest, it still feels the same. Vittorio and me were already living together for 3 years, this paper doesn’t really change much. It is just harder to get rid of each other now 😉
All jokes aside, I do like being his wife instead of his girlfriend. It feels like we are more of a unity now, and we both commit to really make our relationship work. In good and in bad times, in sickness and in health.

Oh wait…

Yep. Corona virus also hit Germany, and basically Europa and the World a week later, so both our employers decided to put all their employees in home office per direct.
So our honeymoon is basically spending (for now) almost a month inside, just the two of us……..

Not gonna lie, I had imagined it quite differently. But it is what it is, and I think we are quite successful in making the most out of it. We do yoga together, we do abs together, cooking, baking, sparring, puzzling, grocery shopping, bingewatching, bbq’ing, cleaning,…
Of course there are some irritations every now and then, but that’s normal if you spend 24/7 together.

Our wedding party

We’ve been planning our big wedding party for 16th of May in Italy, at the Garda lake. People started reaching out to me about a month ago asking “what are you going to do with it”??? In the beginning, I was saying “oh relax, it’s still 2 months away, it will be better by then”. But about a week ago, reality hit us that there is no way that in a good month from now, this will have blown over. So we talked about our options, and decided it would be best to postpone it for a year. Everyone’s health and safety is also our priority, and we want to make sure everyone can be there. Our Wedding Planner managed to fix the venue for next year at the same price and conditions, as for the other vendors (such as photographer and other services). In the end, what changes is just the date.

Not the party and not the love. We will be there, 15 May 2021 celebrating one year of marriage and celebrating love and life with our family and friends, in a changed world.

Stay safe, stay inside, and appreciate the little things, guys. For they are all we have right now 🙂


Claudia (Mrs. Perazzolo)

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