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Review: BH Cosmetics Hangin’ in Hawaii Eyeshadow Palette

I admit: I’m a sucker for beautiful eyeshadow palettes and even though I have already way too many, I could not resist when I saw this gem in the beauty shelf… Greedy me had to have it! So, here’s a review:

First of: it is a square palette with 16 colors going from matt to shimmery. Pink/orange/warm brown and gold are the best colours to describe it. The packaging shows a preview of the colours and has a bright pink backside. Poppin’!

Look at this beauty!

When you take it out of the box, you reveal the all-pink palette that is made out of a hard cardbox that seems quite sustainable to me.

An eyecatcher for sure, this palette!

When you open it, you immediately fall in love with the colours… Well, I know I did 🙂 Notice also the big mirror on the inside. That’s a plus for me as well! No need to drag a separate one around.

Can you feel the summer vibe already?

Ok, I’ll discuss the colours now row by row, left to right and each row top to bottom. Next, I’ll show swatches on my arm:

  • Hula: a warm champaign colour, full of sparkle.
  • Ohana: a matt, light pink colour
  • Tiki: a matt, warm light brown
  • Maui: a matt, slightly darker brown
Top down: Hula, Ohana, Tiki and Maui

As you can see, Ohana is bit more peachy once applied to my skin, and also Tiki has an orange undertone. The next ones:

  • Shaka: a matt, beige colour
  • Pineapple: a sparkly, gold with a hint of rosé colour
  • Sandy: like it says: a sparkly, light brown sand colour
  • Waikiki: a sparkly, little darker brown sand colour
Top down: Shaka, Pineapple, Sandy, Waikiki

Also here, Waikiki appears a bit more warm and orange as in the palette. Then we have:

Hibiscus: a matt, light orange colour
Lei: a matt, peachy orange colour
Coconut: a matt, orangy/brown colour
Mahalo: a matt, warmer brown colour

Top down: Hibiscus, Lei, Coconut and Mahalo

Wow, Hibiscus and Lei are definitely more pigmented than I imagined! Intense colours, so be careful when applying this! Last row:

Luau: a bordeaux, sparkly colour
Aloha: a matt, bit rusty orange colour
Paradise: a matt, bright pink colour
Honolulu: a matt, dark brown colour

Top down: Luau, Aloha, Paradise, Honolulu

Look at that magnificent Luau! From looking bordeaux in the palette, it turned intu looking so versatile on my arm! I see also here hints of orange, warmt, pink. Almost like a warm sunset.

I didn’t make an eyelook yet – but hopefully you get a bit of an image what you get now 😉 The palette contains 16 grams (that’s 1 gram per eyeshadow) and it costs € 15,95 here in Germany.

Curious to hear your thoughts!

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