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Important Update

Hey guys!
It’s been a while again since I wrote something here. In general, no news means good news, right? In this case I have some great news!


Aaahhhh I’m so happy to share this news! He popped the question on the 2nd of June, while we were on holidays in Venice. You want to hear the full story how he proposed? Ok, here we go:

We went out for dinner that evening in a restaurant famous for its fish dishes. I was starting to get sick with a bad cold, so I wasn’t very hungry. We got crab as a starter, then risotto frutti di mare and Vittorio also took some fried seafood. Half a liter of wine with it and we were happy campers.

Crab appetizer

We walked back to our apartment after the dinner, and it was a nice and romantic stroll through a beautifully illuminated Venice. It was our last evening in Venice, and if I were to expect a proposal, I thought he would do it during dinner. We crossed the amazing Rialto bridge that was crowded as usual, and continued our walk towards our house.

A picture from before dinner to build tension 😉

When we got there, Vittorio was procrastinating going in. He said: “amore, shall we take another walk? I feel like walking a bit more after this dinner”. Sure, I said. And we kept on walking. At the next bridge, however, he said: “I need to ask you something”. When he said that, I knew what was coming. Tears of joy started welling up. “Yes?”. He got down on one knee, and popped open the box with the ring. “Will you marry me”? Tears running down my face. “Yes. Yes. I do. Yes I want to marry you”! He kept looking at me. “You need to put the ring on my finger amore”. – Ah, yes, sorry.

Right after he proposed!

I was really excited like I hadn’t been in a long, long time. I felt like I could take on the world at that moment. I wanted to stay in that bubble for a while, but I also wanted to scream it off the rooftops: WE ARE ENGAGED!! We went back to the house, told his parents (they knew it was gonna happen of course) . The day after, we went to take some nice photo’s on top of the fondaco dei tedeschi, a place with an amazing panorama over Venice:

So now the wedding planning begins!!
Until next time,

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