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Our new house in Hamburg!

Moinmoin (that means Hi in Hamburg!) guys, I’ve gone silent for a while again – sorry for that. I have been SO busy coordinating our move to Hamburg! But today, it is time to show you our new home. Today I will post pictures of the empty state. Later, when all is in place, I will update with a furnished place!

The environment

First of all, it is the complete opposite of our apartment in Amsterdam. Out the center, 2 floors, with a small garden. In Amsterdam we lived in the center, in a one floor apartment with no garden. So no need to say it is much more quiet here, much greener and somehow it feels more spacious. Although our house now is 30m2 smaller than in Amsterdam…

This is the front of the building! As you can see – not on the street side and in the green. We live at the first 2 floors of the yellow part.

Ground floor and garden

Ok, we start off with the entrance hall, living room, kitchen, toilet and garden on the ground floor.

Entrance hall – standing from the kitchen door
Toilet downstairs in the hall
Living room corner view – on your right you see the door to the hall
Living room taken from the garden. For privacy reasons I made other people unrecognizable.
Our small garden with terrace – I can’t wait to BBQ here!

As you can see – it’s nice and cosy! Not too small, not too big! Moving on to the first floor!

First floor

Here we have the master bedroom, guest room, bathroom and little storage.

Master bedroom taken from the door (it is bigger than it shows here)
Bathroom with shower, bath and toilet
Little storage upstairs
Hall upstairs before the guest room
guest room with more space at the right (behind door)

That’s it! I have moved here the last weekend of January and have been unpacking the 77 boxes (!!) ever since. I still work for Travix 2 days a week since there is no replacement for me yet, so that is also nice.

I registered myself at the municipality yesterday, and next up is getting my car registered. And making a list of to-buy things that we still miss around. I hope to update you guys within a month or so!


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