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How I discovered litchi’s

Haha such a random subject to write about! But there is a story to it, I swear. Do you ever have it, when you are eating something that you get a flashback to the first time when you tried it? I have it with litchi’s every time. Here’s my story…

I first tried litchi’s when I was 10

Well, I was about 10. I don’t exactly remember my age. I do remember I was at my aunt’s house in Aarschot. I was staying there for a mini-vacation. I always looked up to her, she is the big sister of my mother and she is a bit crazy. In a good way. No ideas were silly in her eyes – everything is possible! She took me to a decoration store and I could pick some items to redecorate my room. 

We were having breakfast at her house one day, when there were these strange, red, little dragon eggs on the table. I was intrigued, and asked my aunt what they were. “Those are litchi’s, it is a fruit. Try them, I am sure you will like them”. I took one, and put my teeth into it. I tasted a sweet and sour juice. “Well you need to peel them, of course”. Aha. I immediately liked the somewhat strange structure of the flesh. Juicy, fresh, exotic. From that moment on, I was hooked.

Food and memories

Is it recognisable to you? That a certain food or drink brings back certain memories? I am trying really hard to find more examples, but I can’t really recall any.

Or maybe that time when I got sick after eating raw chicory and I never ate it again since. It is like a strange connection that is formed in your brain, purely psychological and yet: it determines so much! 

Tell me, what are your food memories?

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