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Taormina (Sicily) – Must-visit Food Places

Buongiorno! I just returned yesterday from my 2nd time in Taormina, Sicily with my boyfriend and his parents. Instead of focussing on the must-sees, I would like to focus on the must-eats and where to go this time!


La bottega del formaggio

Our first evening, we went to “La bottega del formaggio”, an (at first sight) small little shop with some Italian cheeses, wines and salami. BUT it hides a nice seating area in the back and an amazing roof terrace! The owner, Concettina, told us the story of her grandfather and how she started the store thanks to him. We ordered a degustation menu with cheese, meat and jams. It was in-cre-di-ble!

Vitto’s mother, Concettina and me! On the plate you see 4 types of ham, 3 types of of hard cheese, ricotta with honey, mozzarella balls, prosciutto with ham and figs with soft cheese and ham. And 2 little jars of ginger and olive jam.

Also good to know: the prices are very reasonable! We paid around € 70 for this platter, a basket of bread, a bottle of wine, water and a beer. And we were full 🙂

Address: Via Bagnoli Croci 26/28, 98039 Taormina (

Villa Zuccaro

When in Italy – eat pizza. And preferably good pizza from a real pizza place. We were craving a pizza one night and our hotel owner tipped us Villa Zuccaro as the place to go. It is in the city centre of Taormina so at a perfect walking distance. We went early (at 7.45 P.M. which is early for Italian standards) and their big terrace was still quite empty. We started with a nice Aperol Spritz and then went straight for the pizza. And man… it was so good that Vittorio ordered a 2nd one!!

Thin crust, oven baked pizza with burrata and chorizo topped with basilicum

I ordered half a litre of wine for with my pizza and Vittorio had 75cl of beer. We also had a bottle of water. Our bill was € 72,5.

Address: Piazza Carmine 5, 98039 Taormina (

Bam Bar

Ok now that we covered appetizers and main course, let’s go to dessert! Bam Bar is a legacy in Taormina. People come from all over the world and happily wait 30 min to obtain a seat for their granite. You might know granita’s, with the grinded ice mixed with fruit syrups that taste very sweet and artificial. Well, these babies are NOTHING like that because they are made with FRESH fruit and come in flavours like strawberry, peach, watermelon, figs and blueberry. Not a fruit fan? How about granite with Nutella, pistachio, almonds, coffee or white chocolate? Order it with our without whipped cream and with or without a warm bread to soak with. We came here twice a day. NO REGRETS!

Bottom left: the famous brioche (warm bread) and my granite with whipped cream. Bottom right: my favourite almond granite.

Address: Via Giovanni di Giovanni, 45, 98039 Taormina (opening hours 7 A.M. – 11 P.M.). 

Pasticceria Roberto

Another legend in Taormina is Pasticceria Roberto. He makes the best cannoli in town! A cannolo is a cylinder-shaped crunchy cookie with a soft, ricotta cream cheese filling. Sprinkled with nuts (usually almond or pistachio) this is a real treat to your senses! Roberto told us he makes about 4000 cannoli in 2 weeks during high season! He also sells other sweets like marzipan, bucce di trance (candied orange peel) and more.


Address: Via Calapitrulli 9, 98039 Taormina

Where would you go first if you were in Taormina? And do you have any tips to add? Let me know!

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