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Ski holiday in San Vigilio!

Hey! First of all: a very merry Christmas and already a marvelous New Year to you and your family! I just returned from a 10 day holiday in Italy with Vittorio.

First, we went to his hometown Valdagno for a few days and then we drove off to San Vigilio for a skitrip. My boyfriend and his family have been going here for 29 (!) years in a row already! This was the 2nd time I joined and I really enjoyed it! I’ll tell my holiday in pictures!


This was the view from the balcony of our appartment in San Vigilio! Early morning, the night before we had some fresh snow. It is a very small and pittoresque village with only 1.300 inhabitants. The locals know each other and are very friendly and warm people! They speak 3 languages here: Ladin (the local language), Italian and German.  English is not a very common language in this area, but I heard from my ski-instructor that nowadays children get English in school!


Another picture, from our living room. I loved the view of the ice spikes on the window and behind seeing the little lights of the houses and the slopes.  Such a calming and nice view…


Yess! 8.30 in the morning and going up with the skilift: this is what you see. Crackle fresh slopes that are waiting to be used! Since we stayed in San Vigilio, first we took the elevator up in Miara, and then continued up to Kronplatz (at the top in this picture). This was a beautiful day as you can see, with nice blue skies and no wind.


I even managed to work on my tan that day! Haha. Since my boyfriend is a way more advanced skier, every day after lunch I would take an hour break to read a bit and relax whilst he can go wild and do some slopes without him having to wait for me all the time. Also, truth be told: after 3h of ski my legs were pretty much killing me already.


As you can see from the skies, there were more people on a break when I took this picture! On the right you see the big “Bell”. Quiet impressive to hear it “gong” at lunchtime! And also those skysurfers seem to have a lovely time!


This view, honestly.. I enjoyed it so much! A warm, sunny day and then seeing those beautiful Dolomites in front. Idyllic is the best way to describe it!


Last year a took a picture together for our first skitrip so we decided to keep the tradition and do it again! Still so happy with my man!


Yum! After a day of skiing we rewarded ourselves with a well-deserved Bombardino! Basically this is eggnog with brandy and whipped cream. Good to warm up again on the inside 😉


THIS WAS SO COOL!! The 3rd day we went to the natural park and visited the Sennes. The mountain refuge Munt de Sennes is located in a corner of paradise in the natural park of Fanes-Sennes-Braies; one of the most beautiful natural parks of the Dolomites and since 2009 part of the 9 declared sites of the World natural Heritage by Unesco. You can go up by foot, or book a spot on the snow cat! (gatto delle nevi). Really worth the trip!


This was it! In the middle of nowhere, you find this refuge and you can get a nice lunch and drinks. (the person on the picture is my boyfriend’s mother, haha.


This you guys, is the sound of silence. The beauty of nature at its finest…


As you can see, I was a very happy camper.


And then, it was time to go down. By sledge! Ok and partially also by foot, since it is not going down the entire way. But boy was this an experience!


Ready for our first hill down! Look at that amazing view! Seriously.

The next 2 days we went skiing again so not very exciting, but I had such a great time here! San Vigilio, see you next year! And Happy New Year to everybody!





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