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I got eyelash extensions!

Well to be honest – it is not the first time I got eyelash extensions but it is the first time I had them done in a professional salon in Amsterdam! Curious about the result?

I had been contemplating for a while about getting lash extensions again, but it always stayed with thinking about it. I didn’t want to go to Belgium and then spend 2 hours getting lashes whilst I could spend that time with my family.

But then one day, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when I suddenly saw this before and after picture of eyelash extentions. Wow! Nicely done. PerfectEyelashAmsterdam  was their Instagram name so can’t be too far away, I thought. I looked them up – they had an office in Amsterdam-Noord and before I knew it, I made my reservation (via WhatsApp by the way, how cool is that?).

One day before my appointment I got another e-mail reminder and also the name of the person who would be doing my lashes. Dilan, in my case. Ok, let’s go.

In Amsterdam they just moved to a new location (address: Buikslotermeerplein 134 – 1025 EX Amsterdam). I came by bus from Central Station and it only took me about 17 min. to get there. From the bus stop, you walk another 300 meters and you are there!

Panoramic view of the space

So this is what you see when you enter the door. Isn’t it amazing? So stylish yet cosy and with a very professional look & feel! I instantly felt at home.


The very cosy wait-your-turn couch (yes that is my umbrella and orange coat – maybe a little tip for them could be to have an umbrella bucket and a coat hanger. But I’m sure they will still get this – since they just opened.

Coffee or tea, anyone?

It’s all about the details – it made me feel very welcome when I was offered a cup of coffee/tea or a glass of water/lemonade. I also loved the pink details in the styling of the space.

The Brow Bar

At PerfectEyelash you can actually have more things done besides eyelashes. They also have this nice Brow Bar where you can have your eyebrows styled. They only use products by Anastasia Beverly Hills, so very good quality!

Besides your eyebrows and eyelashes, you can also have your teeth bleached. I also had this done here – but since the results are pretty minimal and barely visible on picture, I will not bother to share. Ok – over to what you came here for!


When it was my turn, my Lash Specialist Dilan came to pick me up and talked me through what was going to happen. She asked me a couple of questions to understand better what type of look I was going for. Natural and with a slight extra curl. Then the length: 12mm. She was very professional in explaining all of this and answered my extra questions with a comforting smile.

I took place on the treatment bed and she asked if I wanted a soft fleece blanket to keep me warm during the 2h treatment (having a new set takes about 2 hours). I was pretty warm already so I declined. She cleaned my eyelids and lashes and then we started!

These were my eyelashes before the treatment. (no mascara)

So what happens is basically this: first they put tape underneath your eyes so there is no glue residue left on your skin. For every natural eyelash you have yourself, they attach a few more to them with special glue that is not harmful for your natural lashes in any way. A new set of Silk Lashes is about 100-120 extra lashes. During the treatment Dilan told me she had been doing this for about 3 years and was in this salon for 3 months. I could feel she was a pro. After 2 hours of relaxing – she was done!

These were my eyelashes after the treatment. (no mascara)

I am SO happy with the results! It’s my eyelashes but better. Not too much in-your-face but just subtle enough. To compare (click on images to enlarge):

Left: before – Right: after

Advantages of fake lashes:

  • No more mascara needed! If you do want to use it, use one on a water base (available at the salon)
  • Sweat, rain, shower, sauna, seawater proof
  • You don’t feel them – weightless
  • You can just sport, shower, swim and sleep without any problem
  • Painless treatment
  • Instant “awake” and fresh look

Maintenance of the lashes:

  • The first 24 hours you cannot shower, swim or go to the sauna because the lash glue has to harden completely;
  • Avoid having water flowing directly on your eyelashes;
  • After showering, carefully “dab” the water of your eyes. No rubbing, since the towel fibres can get stuck in the eyelashes.
  • Don’t wipe cotton pads horizontally over your eyes as the little fluffs can get stuck in your lashes. Cleanse them vertically.
  • Always clean your eyes with a make-up remover that is oil-free.
  • Don’t pull the eyelashes
  • If you want to remove them, go back to the salon where they have special glue-dissolvant. Don’t try doing it yourself!
  • Comb your eyelashes with the special little brush that you get after the treatment.

How long does it stay?

Since the lashes are attached to my own natural lashes, they will follow the natural cycle of renewal. After 6-8 weeks the last lashes should fall off. You can choose to have a refill every 1-2-3-4 weeks (price goes up the longer you wait).

What does it cost?

For my One-by-One set I paid € 75,- including the free eyelash brush.

Ok – that’s about it guys! I definitely recommend this salon if you are also living in Amsterdam and have a special occasion coming up! Check out their website here!

What do you think about the results?




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