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Que sera, sera

The thing we, planners, probably hate the most is when something doesn’t go according to plan.You feel frustrated, dissapointed, sad and just overall annoyed. Also I plead guilty here. It’s just once again an overwhelming feeling that for me is very hard to get over.

Not for little things, like a train that is delayed or cancelled, but for other things that are important to me. Maybe the consequences of a train being cancelled. When your lover is supposed to come by train but can’t get there because of a strike. It’s not their fault, it’s not your fault and yet you feel all those feelings. At first, you might want to react according to them, but let’s take a moment, take a step back and evaluate the situation here.
Ask yourself the following 4 questions:

  1. Will getting worked up make you feel beter?
  2. Will it help solve the situation?
  3. Will it improve your mood?
  4. Will complaining about it improve your partner’s mood?

If you answered “no”on all the above questions the best thing to do is take a deep breath in, and exhale deeply out again. The situation is what it is. We agree that we cannot change it. So what can we do? We can look for a solution and if there isn’t any, just make the best out of it. I can see if I can pick him up somewhere, and if that is not possible we can find him a place to sleep and he can try again the day after.

Even getting a flat tire on the highway and having to call car assistance can be turned around into a nice picknick next to the highway. The trick is to try to turn the situation around and see the positive side, or not have the bad luck ruin everything for you.

Of course, it is easier said than done. When you are having a bad day, or already feeling tired or emotional, looking at the bright side might be a mountain that’s a little too high to climb.

That’s ok. Breath in and breath out. When you think back on the situation in a month or even a week, will feeling like this be worth it? It’s a cliché, but every second you spend angry or upset is a moment of happiness you will never get back.

Que sera, sera. If we cannot change it, we might as well go with the flow.

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