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Life is like a camera

I came across this image on Facebook or Pinterest (don’t remember) but I could not help to think how true it is.


Life is a learning process. When you’re young, you think you’re so smart and know already everything. It’s only later you realise that you really didn’t.

You fell face down probably 10 times but got up again 11. Every time we take another shot, we learn something new. Reflecting back at my past relationships, I can say that I learned from each and every one of them. To be less naïve, to be less clingy, to be more independent, to express what I need more rather than to expect the other one to know.

My pictures were often blurry so I took many new shots. I captured the good times and developed so much throughout the years. Getting older also brings peace of mind, so I am realising. Things I stressed about 10 years ago are now so unimportant. Realising the things that matter to me, that I value in life are now so much more top-of-mind.

Moving forward. Having a good, stable relationship. A nice work environment where I am stimulated and motivated. A good work-life balance. Quality time with friends and family. Traveling. Reading. Lazy Sundays. Learning new things. Studying Italian. Yoga class. Getting physically in shape again. Being Happy. Being Healthy.

Those are my life goals. All equally important. My focus is on all of them. Thanks to the negative things I developed from, I know now more than ever what matters in life.

Camera ready? Let’s start taking some pictures!

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