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Growing & standing tall

Watching Grey’s Anatomy is making me a wreck. I seriously cry like a baby when watching some of the episodes. But I also think about a lot of the quotes that are being used in there.

I was at season 5 and Dr. Callie Torres was talking about her past relationships and what they did to her as a person.

She used to walk around tall at the hospital floor. Then came George and he took off an inch. Erica Hahn shaved off a few more. The humiliation makes you shorter. She is scared of another personal failure, because it would cut her off at the knees.

This put me to thinking about my past relationships. A lot of them also cut off a few inches.
My first serious relationship I was 16 and my boyfriend 21. His mother did not approve of the relationship (I can’t really blame her). We split up after a year, also because of the pressure of the family and the secrecy. After that, I got together with a guy who lived at the other side of the country. After a year I found out he used every opportunity he got to cheat on me. Bam, an inch. A few years later and fast-forward to 3,5 years ago I was with someone who constantly put me down. The mental damage here was enorm. Bam, another inch. and then came Redlef, who definitely took off 2 inches. I have never felt so small in my life.

Fast forward to today: I am standing taller than ever, walking around proudly and self-confident. I have a man that loves me, supports me and is there to catch me when I fall. Because that is what love does: it builds you up. Don’t be afraid to lose an inch again. Take the leap of faith. You might grow taller than you ever were.

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