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Don’t hope for the impossible

When I was younger, I thought someday I would meet my prince charming and we would be 100% compatible. But it doesn’t work like that! It is actually a bit more complicated

“And then without even realizing it, with no warning at all, you will finally meet the one person that will end up meaning the world to you. Their presence in your life will enhance everything around you. Your attitude will become more pleasant. Your goals and dreams will seem like they are more attainable. They won’t judge you or make you feel unappreciated. It will never be perfect timing but, you both will still manage to fit into each other’s lives perfectly. You both will never have the perfect relationship but, this relationship will feel like it’s the easiest relationship you have ever been in. You will help each other grow. You will encourage each other during the hardest times. You both will keep each other lifted when life wants to keep you both down. You really can’t put a price on having a true companion in your corner to go through life with. The right person will make you feel like a weight has been lifted. They will help you breathe easier.”

I come across beautiful or inspirational quotes almost every day. Comes with following those pages on social media 😉 Just reading them makes me hopeful about my future as well.
I used to believe that my prince on a white horse would be a love at first sight thing, crazy butterflies, that it all clicks from the first moment and everything is picture perfect. And if it’s not, it’s not true love.

As I grew older, I started realizing that I was hoping for the impossible. Relationships are never picture perfect. How can it ever be when you put 2 different characters with different backgrounds and values together? It takes time to get to know one another and to accept the other for who they are. Expecting them to change for you or having to change for them will not work in the long term. It’s always possible to compromise of course.

I am an extremely emotional person who needs a lot of attention when in a relationship. I know this of myself, and so does my boyfriend. He on the other hand is more on himself and calm, independent. I’m not saying that I depend on him, but what I mean is that he is completely comfortable with being alone, where I tend to prefer to have people around.

I think we found a good way in between with hearing each other every morning, evening and a couple of times in between during the day.  Luckily he understands my need to hear from him a lot, and I understand that he needs his me-time as well. I try not to bother him all the time and he tries to reach out to me more. Because we value each other and each others feelings.

So no, this was not an ‘instant click’ thing. It is something we discussed and indicated what we both needed. I think it’s beautiful when you can develop a good, strong relationship like that. Communication is key. You cannot expect the other person to know what is going on in your head and how you see things. And if you are different on some areas, talk about it and see if you can compromise.

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