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What does Labellita stand for?

First and mainly: welcome at my new blog and I hope you’ll like reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!

You might wonder why I chose to name it Labellita though.

In the name of my blog you can discover many things. BE and IT for example – which indicates the influences in my life from those nationalities. I am Belgian, my boyfriend  and also my stepmother are Italian. Even my name is Italian, so the connection is definitely there.

Bello, bella, belli means beautiful in Italian. And there are so many beautiful things to write about.

You can also read Label in my blog. A label can be a clothing label, but also a label put on people. Gay, straight, muslim, catholic, crazy, normal.

And in the end: I just like the way how Labellita rolls of your tongue when you say it. It sound exotic, exciting, fun and nice. What doesn’t mean I won’t be writing about not-nice stuff 🙂



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